MamMaJ(ism) the Podcast

MamMaJ(ism) the Podcast started as a dream. I wanted to create a platform where I can share my experiences while also challenging the limiting beliefs people tend to have. When you listen to the podcast, I hope you come away with a lesson or two. This platform gives you a better understanding of what it means to hold empathy, be open to change, and the importance of storytelling. Join me on this artistic movement of love and honest conversation!


MaJhané Dill was born in San Diego, California, and got her bachelor’s at San Diego State University. She produces and hosts the podcast MamMaJ(ism) where she utilizes storytelling to highlight the lessons she has learned in her life.

MaJhané has always had a knack for sharing stories and inspiring others to do great things. In college, she was known for her Snapchat rants as she shared her disdain for actions she deemed unnecessary in a segment called “There Should be no Reason Thursday.” She also participated in social groups like Black Business Society, Black Student Science Organization, National Society of Black Engineers, and AVID Alumni. In these groups, she found her voice and took on leadership roles that re-birthed her nickname “MamMaJ.” When she graduated college, she decided it was time to officially start expressing her passion for podcasting by creating her own. She always gravitated toward podcasts that were informative and taught self-growth. MaJhané wanted to emulate a similar feel but with a twist. From there, the rest was history.